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18 February 2014 @ 06:48 pm
LoveNotes is back and better than ever — OPEN TO ALL PRESENT AND PAST SPEW MEMBERS!  
LoveNotes is a long-standing tradition here in SPEW, but as we did in the last couple of years, we're going to shake it up a little bit. Formerly, what would occur is that each SPEWer would provide four pairings and four prompts. Well, we're going to make it far more personal and far more interesting.

This activity is open to ALL SPEW members, both past, present, and hiatused. If you were in SPEW in 2006 and just happen to want to play, jump right in. Submit a usergroup request and, if it's been longer than five years (hence I won't remember you), send me a PM so I know to accept you.

This is how it works, kids! Each of you who wish to participate, post a thread in the Vault 713 SPEW sub-forum in on the MNFF beta boards, listing four pairings that you would love to receive. Also in that thread, you can select up to eight 'candy hearts'. Anyone familiar with Valentine's Day tradition in the US is aware of the existence of the small candy hearts with short messages on them. We're going to be pairing these pairings and candy hearts with...DRABBLES, BANNERS, POETRY, and ART!

How do we do that? Well, some lovely SPEWer is going to peruse your pairings and choices of candy hearts, select one of each, and write you a drabble/poem or create your work of art/banner about said pairing and candy heart. Then that SPEWer is going to PM me that creation anonymously, which I will post in your thread. At the end of this activity, which I have arbitrarily decided will be April 22nd, your secret benefactors will be revealed. But, from now to when that time comes, you all will be happily churning out goodies for one another in the spirit of friendship and really just getting to know what our fellow SPEWers.

There are a few guidelines to this activity, as usual.

  • All stories must be between 300-800 words. Poems must be at least 50 words, but should be closer to 100+. Banners should not exceed 500 x 300, as per MNFF image rules. Art must be linked via an image-hosting website and not uploaded to the forums directly.

  • Ratings must not exceed 6th-7th Years and must be affixed with the appropriate warnings.

  • Each pairing and candy heart in a recipient's thread can only be used once.

  • Each recipient can receive up to four valentines, but it is encouraged to first fulfil for those with fewer valentines before moving on to those closer to the limit. However, if everyone's inbox has been filled, then we can certainly go another round as long as you all are up to writing more.

  • The use of a beta is not required, but if you do choose to employ one, please use one outside of SPEW. If one cannot be found, then you can use a SPEWer. Remember, be as discreet as possible.

  • Candy hearts must be no more than two words, and while the nature of this activity is geared toward romance and shipping, they don't have to be romantic or sweet. I know you can be an angsty lot, and who am I to get in the way of that?

  • Try to keep your SPEW friends in mind when picking your pairings. Not everyone would pick Snape/Squid to write about, especially with 'Be Mine' attached to it. Rarepairs are fine, but try to steer away from ships you wouldn't actually ship on purpose, like Percy/Voldemort.

  • If you notice any errors in an item that you submitted, PM me ASAP, and I'll fix it.

  • Until the reveal, please allow only the thread owner to post in their thread. Others posting could be telling of who did what.

  • This activity is open to ALL members of SPEW, including those on hiatus or only a member of the RAC, AND those who were members in the past but have left the group.

  • If you post a thread to receive items, you are committing to doing at least one for someone else, though it's encouraged that you do at least three. This has never been an issue before and I doubt it will become one, but please keep that in mind.

  • You do NOT have to have posted a receiving thread to fulfil prompts, though why you would want to deprive yourself...

  • Try keeping the recipients' tastes in mind. Some like fluff; others love angst. Most of you are fairly familiar with one another to have a general idea who likes what. If you want to make sure NOT to receive certain things, then you may specify in your thread.

  • Please direct all questions related to this activity towards this thread. If it's about a particular item you are working on for someone, them PM/IM me privately. Good judgment, SPEW!

With that, 2014 SPEW LoveNotes has officially begun!